HOFA DAO—The House Of Fine Art

HOFA Pass #375 — Featured work: Vladinsky

The Beginning

Introduction to HOFA DAO


What Is The House Of Fine Art?

HOFA‘s vision is to become the leading art ecosystem in the web3 space, with a unique selection of highly collectable artworks of appreciative value and a committed dedication to art world innovation and cultural leadership.

Screenshot of Immersive VR Gallery
Preview of the Online Gallery from my Laptop

How Are They Unique?

Creating a separate sector to push innovation in the digital realm, HOFA.io is a “curated NFT platform built on ethereum representing established and emerging international artists in the Digital and Generative space. HOFA.io is focused on working with the world’s leading artists and curators across its galleries and in the Metaverse, presenting appreciative artworks for the next generation of collectors”.

Emma Primpeh — Adour Video (projection)

How The Ecosystem Works

Culture is our asset.
Previously shown NFT rewards for $ARTEM stakers

Official Partners


Official Secondary Market Listings (ERC-20)

Zhuang Hong Yi displayed on a pass I minted #434

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