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5 min readDec 17, 2022
HOFA Pass #375 — Featured work: Vladinsky

As a Los Angeles native, I have an overwhelming appreciation for art, especially the styles that reign visibly throughout the nearby cities. Whether you are commuting from a nearby county or traveling through to visit other demographics of California, there is plenty of eye candy to be seen in the forms of murals, street graffiti, and painted billboards. Without getting into much detail, the public and decentralized elements of graffiti crews and art collectives were always appealing to me, and I saw a lot of those similarities in the crypto and NFT space, albeit few did more than specialized galleries of 1:1 artist promotions, until HOFA. There is a theory that in the darkest times the most beautiful things grow, and it is no surprise that amid the FTX — Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange insolvency, key projects launched just in time to restore faith and hope that not all innovation was lost. There are still good people in this space, do not let the mainstream media fool you.

The Beginning

Introduction to HOFA DAO

HOFA sold out the collection of 1,111 in November(11/11) of 2022 on the Magic Eden Launchpad, in what could not be a more troubled time for blockchain and the future of NFTs. Besides Magic Eden becoming the Solana scapegoat as the top contender of NFT trading volume by co-signing a shift to 0% creator royalties, HOFA disregarded the drama and launched anyway being one of the first ethereum projects to sell out on Magic Eden’s upgraded multi-chain launchpad (pre-Polygon addition). With a mission to build the most secure, rewarding, and constantly expanding decentralized art ecosystem and a notable USD 4.8 million seed round, this leads me to believe HOFA is about adding quality to the NFT space through a multitude of fine artists by validating the value of fine art through the form of digital assets and innovative tokenomics.


  1. 50% — Artists
  2. 30% — Members
  3. 10% — Patrons
  4. 10% — ARTEM Liquidity Pool

What Is The House Of Fine Art?

The House Of Fine Art is a multi-disciplinary gallery specializing in contemporary art by established and emerging international artists.

HOFA‘s vision is to become the leading art ecosystem in the web3 space, with a unique selection of highly collectable artworks of appreciative value and a committed dedication to art world innovation and cultural leadership.

Based in London, there is 3 locations total, adding Los Angeles, and Mykonos to storefront locations. HOFA also boasts an immersive Metaverse Gallery called HOFAVERSE (which you can view here) and also has showcased work from some of my favorite influences such as Space Invader, RETNA, and Banksy.

Screenshot of Immersive VR Gallery
Preview of the Online Gallery from my Laptop

How Are They Unique?

HOFA DAO has managed to find a way to share ownership and governance through tokenomics, featuring fine art to diversify collections and spark innovation through different forms of tech and digital assets, via the 1,111 NFT passes. Revenues from the DAO are distributed back via Smart-Contract to DAO members, artists, and patrons. HOFA DAO’s portfolio is also exhibited across worldwide art fairs like Art Miami, KIAF Seoul, Istanbul Contemporary, and Zona Maco.

Creating a separate sector to push innovation in the digital realm, HOFA.io is a “curated NFT platform built on ethereum representing established and emerging international artists in the Digital and Generative space. HOFA.io is focused on working with the world’s leading artists and curators across its galleries and in the Metaverse, presenting appreciative artworks for the next generation of collectors”.


There are 3 types of rarity passes

  • PASS — 647/111
  • OG — 281/111
  • VIP — 104/111
Emma Primpeh — Adour Video (projection)

How The Ecosystem Works

The 1,111 NFTs act as a membership with digital and in-real-life features, providing voting rights as well as reward holders every month in $ETH, $USDC, and $ARTEM to artists, members, and collectors, as well as an ARTEM liquidity pool with Learn to Earn (L2E) rewards program in $ARTEM & $USDC.

Culture is our asset.

What is $ARTEM


$ARTEM is a governance token that facilitates curated programs for the acquisition of blue-chip contemporary art, luxury collectibles, and limited edition NFTs. $ARTEM is also earned by NFT holders after a sale and can be staked in lock-up via allocated amounts for further rewards. After originally launching on $ETH, the $ARTEM token is officially on 3 chains:

Token Contract Addresses

  • Ethereum — 0x9B83f827928aBdf18cF1F7e67053572b9bceff3a
  • Binance Chain0x9B83f827928aBdf18cF1F7e67053572b9bceff3a
  • Solana — ARApgmD9DyUo72TcfDpRomb13YZkqZKoLroRdeez8UeQ


Previously shown NFT rewards for $ARTEM stakers

Official Partners



Official Secondary Market Listings (ERC-20)



BinanceNFT https://www.binance.com/en/nft/collection/hofa-dao-649133648059494400?isBack=1

Zhuang Hong Yi displayed on a pass I minted #434

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